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Jennifer's Diary

I was a skinny kid growing up and clothes sort of hung on me as they do on a hangar – a bit Lifeless to say the least. Shopping was just never Fun. Either nothing Fit me or I didn’t like what did. So I decided to design my own clothes, more as a Need rather than anything else. And I realised that I wasn’t the only one with the same problem. To not be able to fit into something beautiful or just settle for anything lesser than the best, that was a feeling I could completely relate to. 

I remember looking out of the window of my room one evening after work and just thinking about how to solve that gap. I would see people walking by and picture them in clothes I could design. (Stalker much, Right? Haha) Before I knew it, I was Sketching, Selecting Fabrics, making Prototypes and My Baby Je had been born right before my very eyes. 

With a quaint Boutique in Bandra, and a few garments on display, word was quickly getting by about what I did and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Every Customer always asked me about the name of My Brand and yes while it isn’t the easiest name, I think it suits this brand perfectly. Je ( french for Me/I ) is YOU. It’s the brand that caters to making YOU feel comfortable in your own skin. Je is every Woman who knows what she wants and knows the right way to get it. She is Gentle, Independent and Powerful.

I’ve always felt that Fashion should make you feel Beautiful, Clothing should Empower you and be your Gladiator Suit! This way I get to help Women understand how Beautiful they truly are by designing one of a kind pieces that suit them.

To a Beautiful World ruled by Women (hopefully all in their Custom Made Je Ensembles), 
Signing off,


We Work

  • Ideate

    We understand YOU, your Body , your Skin Tone and your Overall Likes and Dislikes towards different Styles and Fabrics.


  • Design

    We now Build on our Vision with Designs, Fabrics and Sketches to Suit YOU. You can Choose from a Variety of Imported Fabrics that we have Instore.


  • Create

    A Paper Cutting of your Piece as per your Measurements is first made and then Translated onto your Freshly Steamed Fabric.


  • Trial

    You’re ready to Try on the First Look of your Je Masterpiece which has been Hand Stitched to ensure it is possible to Make Changes to your Ensemble after your Trial.


  • Masterpiece

    A Few Alterations here, some of our Finishing Touches and a Steam Dry Clean result in your Masterpiece being Completed and Ready to have her Moment.




Your Je Couturier garments are more than just clothes you flaunt, they are your Shining Armour for Every Day of your Lives. They define how you Feel, they Symbolise You and Reflect your True Style.

We aim at providing you Memories that last a Lifetime. Through a Stringent Quality Check Process, we ensure that no piece would reach you before a Detailed Inspection on Quality and Final Finish. Our High Quality Fabrics are Imported from around the World but ready for you when you visit our Store.

You need to adorn clothes that make you Feel Comfortable in your Own Skin and Turn Heads while you walk but most importantly make you Feel Confident the way you are. And we Promise to help you do just that!

Our Philosophy


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