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Gorgeous Gowns |
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  • A GOWN

    For Every Occasion

    Elegance with a Touch of Glamour is what we look at while we Design The Perfect Gown For You. A Purely Western Look and Feel in terms of Design, Silhouette and Fabric. Simplistic with a Tease and careful to make you look Perfectly Balanced in it. Be it your Cocktail or a Friend's, your Baby Shower, your Silver Wedding Anniversary or a 60’s Themed Party - we’ll Custom Design a Gown that works just for YOU.



    The Art of Designing The Perfect Je Gown is Simple yet Scientific. Jennifer, our Head Designer looks into Each Piece to Create a Look that is based on your Body Type, Skin Tone and Facial Structure to ensure that you’re looking your Absolute Best in a Piece that you Adore and never want to get out of.

  • Body Type

    Did you know that most Women today don't particularly belong to One set Body Type? Instead they are a Mixture of Two to Three Different Body Variations. You could have a Beautiful Woman with a Balanced Top Body and a slightly Heavier Hip Structure, but that doesn't simply make her fall into the Category of a Pear Shaped Body Type. We understand what Fabrics work Best with what Body Types and Understand how to Create a Silhouette that works Best for YOU.

  • Skin Tone

    The Perfect Color for your Skin Tone is not always easy to find. We try to make sure we Understand not just what Shades Suit your Skin Tone but also what you are Comfortable Wearing. It's a Catch 22 situation sometimes where ideally a Particular Color may Look Fabulous on You, but You may not Feel Comfortable wearing it. We try to Strike a Balance between the two to make you Look like the Beautiful Woman, You Truly are!

  • Facial Features

    The Necklines, Shoulder Structures and Jawlines too have an Effect on the Cut and Type of Garment you decide to Custom make. A Wide Neckline may work to ensure you Showcase a Wider Neck Area but your Jawline may require something a bit more Structured. We’ll help you take that call on what Suits YOU Best.


Entire Outfit

  • Fabric

    Of course, Designing an Ensemble is nothing without the Right Fabric. Most of our Fabrics are Italian, Korean and Japanese. We source from all over the World to make sure you get the Best Variety and Quality. We work with Knits, Georgettes, Chiffons, Satins to name a few, all of which are Pure and Weighted to be the Best Qualities around the World.

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  • Design

    With the help of our In-house Trend Forecasting Team, we’re always up-to-date with the Latest Style in the Industry. We must say however that we are of the belief that “Just coz its Trending, don't mean you gotta Wear it.” We Incorporate these Trends into a Design that would be Best Suited for your Body Type, Facial Structure and Skin Tone.

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  • Fit

    And all of this can go to waste if it doesn't Fit like a Second Skin. Don’t you agree? You can have the most Complicated Designs or Difficult Fabrics, but it is our Promise to make sure that your Ensemble will always Fit You like your Second Skin, keeping you Beautiful, Comfortable and ready to take on the World!

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